Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Booking Tours and Transfers with Easy Day Thailand. Cant Find the Answer you looking for? Contact Us Now!

Which currencies does Easy Day Thailand accept?

We accept Thai Baht or all Credit card transactions, cash in all major currencies, and bank transfers in US$, AUS$ , NZ$ & EURO. See Details …

What Type of Vouchers are used?
  • E-Vouchers – You simply show the confirmation you received from us or present the Booking Confirmation Number when asked for. This is the most used form of Voucher used for the services you can book with Us.
  • Print Voucher – For some activities or packages including hotel stays Printed Vouchers are needed. We send them to you so you can print them and bring along. Or if you already in Thailand we send a copy of the voucher to your hotel.
  • ID Card – Present a Picture ID (Driving License, Passport ect.) matching the name on your Booking.