There are many beautiful islands in Thailand, and most of them offer the possibility to enjoy snorkeling.  Most of the island hopping tours & boat tours in general do include some snorkeling activity in their itineraries. While in most places the snorkeling in Thailand is a pleasant experience, it is important to note that it is not comparable to the best snorkeling sites in the world such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Red Sea, Maldives and others.

The coral reefs in Thailand are usually in shallow water with sandy bottom. Due to the sometimes strong tides the visibility in the water is not always the best. While snorkeling on Thailand’s reefs you can easily spot many different species of Marin Life.  You find small & colorful tropical fishes such as Sergeant Major Fish, Banner Fish, Parrot Fish, Moorish Idol, Anemone Fish, Puffer Fish.  You also find some nice hard and soft corals, and other sea creatures living on the sandy bottom such as starfish, sea urchins and sea cucumbers.

On the other hand you will rarely find the incredible explosions of life and colors that you would get in other top snorkeling sites as those above. So it is important that you join your tour with the right expectations and not to make comparisons to other places. Instead appreciate what the opportunity offers.

In Thailand, snorkeling is usually a nice addition to a boat tour that covers different other activities. You will enjoy beautiful beaches and landscapes, sightseeing, culture etc, so snorkeling is not the main focus of most tours.

If you are looking for the very best snorkeling available in Thailand, then you should do a tour to either Surin Islands, Koh Rok or Similan Islands.  All these Islands are located in the Andaman Sea on Thailands west coast.

Thailands best Snorkel Destinations
Koh Rok.
Surin Islands National Park.
Similan Islands National Park.
Phi Phi Islands.
Please note that Similan Islands & Surin Islands are both Marine National Parks. They are closed each year to visitors from mid May to mid October due to the change of the Monsoon to South-West.

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