Bangkok Bank Payment Failed

Your Payment attempt Failed. 

For Booking Ref:

We sent your a copy of the reservation via email, including a Payment Link so you can retry the payment.

Common Issues for Failed Transactions:

Connection to Server Interrupted

See point 2 and retry. Please use the Payment Link we sent you with your reservation.

3D-Secure Verification Failed

Verified By Visa

Verified By Visa

Bangkok Bank only accepts Verified Visa & Master Cards.

Static Password Verification

Make sure you have your password/pin ready.

  • Visa Card – > VbV password
  • Master Card – >  SecureCode

OTP – One Time Password

An OTP (One Time Password) is sent to you via SMS or an email or both to your registered mobile number or email address maintained in your Bank / Financial Institution’s records.

Make sure your mobile phone can receive SMS and/or you have access to your email address.  

Your Card is not Authorized for Online Payments in Thailand

Contact your your Bank / Financial Institution and make sure that your card is authorized for Online Transaction by Thailand Banks.

If you have any questions regarding your reservation Contact Us now.


Bangkok Bank Payment Failed