Kitesurfing Thailand

Kitesurfing Thailand

Kitesurfing Thailand

Kitesurfing Thailand is gaining more converts every year and it’s easy to see why.

We love Kitesurfing Thailand for so many reasons…

  • You can go faster on a kiteboard than any other form wind powered water sport.
  • You can be up and sailing across the water on your own in a few days but you never stop learning. You’ll soon be doing tricks and jumps.
  • You can kitesurf all over the world and most kitesurfing locations are the most beautiful places in the world.
  • You can take your gear with you wherever you go. It’ll fit in your car and in aeroplane cargo holds.
  • Kite boarding gear is relatively inexpensive compared to other watersports.
  • Kitesurfing keeps you fit and healthy. You won’t meet many fat kitesurfers.

We do all our kitesurfing in Thailand. We love our country and we think you will too.

  • Thai’s are friendly people with a ready smile. Thailand is a very safe country to travel in. If you are travelling alone you will make friends. If you are a girl alone you won’t get any hassles. Thai people love kids so Thailand is also a great destination for a family vacation.
  • Thai food is amazing, especially if you like spice. Come to Trang and eat with us. We’ll give you authentic food that you don’t get in tourist resorts. We’ll tell what the best Thai beers are too 😉
  • Thailand is cheap. Especially if you get out of the tourist areas such as Phuket Island. Accommodation and food prices are especially good value.
  • Thailand is easy to get to and easy to travel around.

Kitesurfing Thailand Destinations

Trang – Pak Meng Beach

Trang is newest kitesurfing Thailand destination. So new in fact that we are the only kiteschool in Trang. It’s our favourite kiting spot and we know it better than anyone else.

Kite Surfing School in Pak Meng currently closed!

Trang is Thailand kitesurfings best kept secret, it is not yet on the kitesurfer map. But that will change when kite boarders realise what Trang has to offer.

Trang consistently has more wind than other kitesufing destinations in Thailand. Pak Nang Beach is ridable all year round.

Trang is in southern Thailand about 300 km’s south of Phuket and a one hour drive south of Krabi. The provincial town of Trang is home to friendly Thai people who welcome visitors to the area. Most tourists are still Thai weekenders. Trang is like Phuket 20 years ago, it’s still unspoilt by tourism.

Kitesurfing takes place on Pak Meng Beach, part of the Hat Chao Mai National Park.

The 5 km long white sand beach is ridable at high and low tides. There is a sandbank running parallel to the beach which gives flat shallow water on the inside which is ideal for learning and for advanced kiters who want to practice tricks. This sandback and the curve of the beach allows us to kitesurf from the same location all year round. This is not possible in other Thailand kiteboarding locations.

The Trang high season is November to April with warm weather, clear sunny skies and minimal rain. Trang monsoon season is from May to October. This time of year brings some rain storms. It also brings the strong wind and waves!

Wind blows strong from the northeast from November to April. Wind blows from the southwest from May to October.

Wind in Hat Pak Meng (Pak Meng Beach) averages 12 -25 knots, ideal for kitesurfing.

When the wind in Phuket is barely strong enough to get riding, it will still be blowing in Trang.

To get to Trang you can fly from Bangkok, Phuket, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur to either Krabi and Hat Yai airports.

Trang Accommodation is available in budget bungalows or a couple of more up market resorts. Ask us about accommodation in Trang, we can arrange it for you. We can offer Kiting and accommodation packages on request.

Other activities in Trang include exploring Hat Chao Mai National Park which is home to rare bird species, sea turtles and rare dugongs living in the sea grass fields close to shore. From Pak Meng beach it is easy to reach nearby islands like Ko Mook or Ko Kradan, which offer stunning white sandy beaches, perfect for relaxing or snorkeling. We can organise scuba diving around these islands for you.

You can visit Trang town to shop in the local markets and try the unique Trang Coffee Shops, famous in Thailand for coffee, cake and delicious roast pork. Trang’s nightmarket is regarded by some as the best in southern Thailand.

Phuket Island

Phuket Island is Thailand’s premier tourism island. You can kitesurf in Phuket for much of the year. During the Phuket high season from November to May we kitesurf on the east coast of Phuket in the Chalong / Rawai area. In the low season from May to October we move to the west coast of Phuket and we kitesurf from Naiyang beach.

The best months to kitesurf in Phuket are December to February and July to August.

When the wind isn’t blowing Phuket has many non kiting activities to suit everyone including scuba diving and kayaking in Phang Nga Bay.


An area of stunning natural beauty, it’s hard to image a better place to kitesurf when the wind is blowing. Sailing past karste limestone rocks along Ao-Nang bay is a kitesurf paradise.When the wind dies we recommend Krabi for it’s world class rock climbing.


Chumphon is a small coastal town about 400km south of Bangkok facing the Gulf of Thailand. Tung Wa Laen Beach is a quiet are about 15km drive from Chumphon town. It has several small and cheap bungalow resorts and a few restaurants. There is a lagoon that is ideal for teaching and in the low season from May to October kite boarding moves to Thung Makam Noi Bay just 20 minutes away.

Tung Wa Laen Beach has it’s best kitesurfing wind from November to January but kitesurfing is also possible in other months.

Hua Hin

Hua Hin has exploded as a Kitesurfing Thailand destination in recent years. Just 3.5hours drive south of Bangkok this pituresque seaside resort is popluar with Thai and overseas tourists. It’s a charming town and has everything that a kitesufer could desire in terms of accommodation options, shops, restaurants and bars. It’s popularity for kitesurfing has made the long beach rather crowded with kites at times which is why more and more kitesurfers are searching for new destinations north and south of Hua Hin along the coast.

January to May are the best months to Kitesurf Hua Hin.


20km north of Hua Hin, Cha’am is a smaller, more laid back kitesurfing spot. The 5km long beach has good wind in the 12-20 knot range from February to April.


Just 20km from HuaHin, the pretty Pak Nam Pran beach in Pranburi is a less croded option for Kiters who want to get away from the crowds at Hua Hin.

November to May are the best months to kitesurf Pranburi.


Pattaya is Thailand’s entertainment resort destination, more popular for it’s beer bars and go-go’s than it’s kiteboarding. Kitesurfing is possible if you are in Pattaya but there is not a big kite scene here because other parts of Thailand offer better kiting.

Koh Samui – Koh Phangan

These small tropical island paradises have a few kitesufing spots. When there is enough wind you can always find a place to launch from somewhere on the island.

Laem Son

Laem Son National Park in Ranong province is an area of stunning naturall beauty which has good wind for kitesurfing in January and February.


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