Nowadays, the temple called Wat Phra Kaeo is one of the most popular temples of Emerald Buddha in the place of Bangkok, Thailand. The purpose of this temple is to make it as a house of image of Buddha that is carved from green jadeite that serves as the symbol of nationhood. This temple is located at the ground of Royal Palace and one of the most revered Buddhist shrines in Bangkok.  

However, even though it is considered a temple, there are no monks allowed to stay here because it is a place like the personal chapel of the royal family. The Emerald Buddha statue can be found at the center of the temple in which it stands for about 2 feet in height. No one is allowed to get near this statue except to the King of Thailand who is responsible to perform the ritual rites in the entire year. 

Things to do in Bangkok

There are lots of Sightseeing in Bangkok, you will see once you have decided to make it as your tourist destination. One best example of this is through visiting the Emerald Buddha that sits down at the Grand palace of Bangkok, Thailand. In this place, you will witness the finest and impressive Buddhist sculpture, decorative craft, painting and architecture that can only be seen in Thailand. 

The Emerald Buddha that sits at the huge and gold altar is one of the main attractions of the place. This Buddha is also covered with its seasonal costume that is changed for almost three times a year. During summer, it wears jewelry and crown, gold shawl during winter and headdress and gilt robe during the rainy season. 

Aside from this, you will also see the Pavilion of Regalia, Thai coins and Royal decorations and enjoy lots of craftsmanship. In this place, you will witness the Thai historic epic since it is painted in the wall. There are also interesting monuments at the ground of the temple that represent for the better change of Buddhism. You can also visit the Phra Mondop which is a Thai library that is popularly known due to its pearl door, statues of the Chakri Kings, human and dragon headed nagas and bookcases.     

During the month of October, the Royal Pantheon is open to the public to commemorate the founding of the Chakri dynasty. If you want to make offerings of fruits, joss sticks, candles or flowers, you can proceed to the patron of medicine to ask for treatment for your ill family member.    

All of these Bangkok sightseeing are available once you opt for some reliable Bangkok tour. So if you want to explore the astonishing landmarks of Thailand and be amazed with different Thai architectures like the Temple of Emerald Buddha, you can now start your Bangkok private tours.  Through their service, you will have assurance that all the historical and beautiful places in Bangkok will provide you with a wonderful experience that you can share to all of your friends and families once you go back to your homeland.   

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