Adriano Trapani

Adriano Trapani, Phuket Thailand

Adriano Trapani

Phuket’s “Underwater Paparazzi”, Adriano Trapani is a veteran scuba diving instructor turned professional underwater photographer.

Already a certified diving instructor and arriving for a two week holiday in Phuket from his home country of Italy, 6 days before the tsunami in 2004, Adriano was soon to be involved in a huge relief effort organised by the DMCR (Department of Marine and Coastal Resources), where he assisted in the massive “reef check” effort in the surrounding waters off Phuket, Phi Phi Islands and the Similan National Marine Park.

While working with his Thai counterparts, repairing the damaged reefs, was when Adriano fell in love with Thailand and decided to stay and find work in the islands dive industry. Adriano promptly purchased his first digital camera with underwater housing, a Konica Minolta, and his passion for underwater photography began.

6 years on and many upgrades of underwater cameras later, Adriano is a professional underwater photographer, he has been published in dive magazines around the globe and his original Konica Minolta photos still hang proud on the walls of his home.

Adriano is now sharing his passion, local marine knowledge and expertise with his unique 2-4 day underwater photography courses. However, not only can you find the “Underwater Paparazzi” snapping away at the local marine life, he is also shooting the islands’ first mermaids and mermen in his new venture Underwater Fashion, both available through Easy Day Thailand.

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Adriano Trapani