Fishing in Thailand – The Kingdom of Thailand is an angler’s true paradise, whether you like freshwater or sea fishing, Thailand has it all and then some more.

Freshwater Fishing in Thailand

Fishing in Thailand - Fly Fisihing in Khao Sok

Fly Fishing in Khao Sok

The freshwater venues are in all the main cities and resorts up and down the country. From Bangkok up to Chang Mai, all along the Mekong River to the east and all the way down through the southern end of the country. Hua Hin, Koh Samui, Krabi and Phuket are just a few of the world class venues here in Thailand.

There is live bait fishing; lures, fly-fishing, float fishing and spinning can land you some of the best catches of your life. Thailand is home to some serious freshwater predators and there are several species which have been brought here from other continents; like the aggressive and impressive South American Arapaima.

Lure fishing and particularly lure casting is quite easy for the novice, as well as the more experienced angler and this technique is great when fishing for Barramundi. These toothy predators are great sport to catch on lures; and once hooked you better hold on because their leaping fight is like a white-knuckle ride.

Other fish native to Thailand are the Giant Mekong Catfish & Giant Siamese Carp. Both of these fish grow to exceptional sizes The Giant Mekong Catfish is one of the biggest catfish of the catfish family and also the one of the largest freshwater fish ever chronicled.

The Siamese Carp is the largest carp species by far in the world, it’s found in Thailand waters and all along the Mekong River from Cambodia down to the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. Check this out: The biggest ever recorded Siamese Carp recorded weighed in at 300kg.

Sea Water Fishing in Thailand

Moving to the south of the country and to the Andaman Sea, which surrounds Phuket like a glistening pearl necklace; here you can find outstanding game fishing: Sailfish, Barracuda, Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Travellies, Dorados and Mackerels prowl these waters.

Sea fishing in Thailand requires no real special knowledge to get started and is available for everyone to enjoy, in fact, it is a fantastic day out for the entire family, you can even take home some of your catch, if you so wish.

Fishing Tours in Southern Thailand

Phuket Fishing Tours

Local Phuket Fishing Tour Boat - Fishing in ThailandDaily Fishing Tours & Fishing Charters departing from Chalong Bay in Phuket Island.

For real Fishers the only way to get what you want is a Fishing Charter, as all Join-In Fishing Tours do not offer any serious fishing. They simply a Fun day out with fishing, swimming and snorkeling.

Easy Day Thailand offers daily charters all year around. Find out more about Phuket Game Fishing Charter now.

Koh Samui Fishing Tours

Fishing in Thailand - Sail Fishing on Samui Fishing ChartersAlso in Koh Samui we offer Fishing Tours and Charters. Join-In Tours are nice island cruises with bottom fishing, swimming and snorkeling. For serious fishing men and woman the only way for a good fishing trip is to charter a boat.

Tell Us what you like to do and Easy Day Thailand makes it possible. Find out more about Koh Samui Fishing Tours.

Khao Lak Fishing Charters

Fishing in Thailand - Khao Lak Fishing Charters with Easy Day Khao Lak ToursKhao Lak on the west coast of Thailand just an hours drive north of Phuket Island is another location for Fishing Tours organized by Easy Day Thailand.

In Khao Lak we offer only Charters by traditional Longtail boat. Find out more on our Easy Day Khao Lak site at  Khao Lak Fishing Charters.

Always provided by the fishing boat is the fishing equipment, live bait and lures, rods and reels and you will also have an expert guide to help bait your hook and unhook that monster. Lunch is usually included, and you can also buy ice cold beer or simply take your own drinks on board for refreshments.

There is an array of fishing boats leaving ports like Chalong Bay in Phuket Island and Koh Samui every day, and booking is all very simple. You won’t need to take anything with you other than your essentials; such as a hat, sunglasses, sun cream, towel and some small money.

The fish tend to hang out on the deep drop offs around the islands in particular Racha Noi in the south of Phuket; here the waters drop quickly down to 70 metres and many large pelagic fish cruise through. Quite often you can see the Sailfish jumping free of the sea. Game Fishing in Thailand is a magical day out and one for the entire family.


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