The Grand Palace BangkokGrand Palace Bangkok – The Grand Palace in Bangkok is an absolute must-see for all that those come to Thailand. The palace began construction during the reign of King Rama I around 1782, and was to become the royal residence for the Chakri Dynasty.

The Grand Palace Bangkok functioned as a main royal residence until 1925 and is now mainly used for ceremonial purposes.

The present monarch, King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX), currently resides at Chitralada Royal Villa in the Dusit Palace Bangkok. Throughout successive reigns of the dynasty, there have been several new buildings and structures built particularly during the reign of King Chulalongkorn (Rama V).

Grand Palace Bangkok

The Grand Palace is actually divided into three main sectors: The Outer Court, which is home to many of the royal offices and public buildings, it is also home to the magnificent Temple of Emerald Buddha.

The Middle Court of the palace is where most of the important residential and state buildings are; and finally the Inner Court, which is solely kept for the king, his queen and his consorts.

As mentioned previously, a massive attraction of the Outer Court is the Temple of Emerald Buddha, this is Thailand’s most sacred Buddhist sculpture: Phra Kaeo Morakot (the Emerald Buddha), it was carved from a beautiful and faultless green jade, located amongst gold-gilded statues and ornaments, and the most beautiful oil paintings anywhere in the country.

The Chakri Mahaprasat Throne Hall is located in the centre of the Middle Court; this was requested by King Rama V to become his own private residence.

The interior houses wonderful stylish decorations which has been inspired by the European renaissance era, and is adorned with royal portraits of the Chakri Dynasty’s monarchs. This building now serves state functions and royal ceremonies.

Towards the far right of the Middle Court is Borom Phiman Mansion, this was actually constructed while King Rama V was on the throne, and has been decorated in neo-renaissance style and now has become the residence of the crown prince.

Plan of the Grand Palace Bangkok

By Sodacan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

By Sodacan (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

  1. Temple of the Emerald Buddha
  2. Bureau of the Royal Household
  3. Office of His Majesty’s Principal Private Secretary
  4. Sala Luk Khun Nai
  5. Sala Sahathai Samakhom
  6. Museum of the Emerald Buddha Temple
  7. Pavilion of Regalia, Royal Decorations and Coins
  8. Phra Thinang Amarin Winichai
  9. Phra Thinang Phaisan Thaksin
  10. Phra Thinang Chakraphat Phiman
  11. Phra Thinang Dusidaphirom
  12. Phra Thinang Racharuedee
  13. Phra Thinang Sanam Chan
  14. Ho Sastrakhom
  15. Ho Sulalai Phiman
  16. Ho Phra That Montien
  17. Phra Thinang Chakri Maha Prasat
  18. Phra Thinang Moon Satharn Borom Ard
  19. Phra Thinang Sommuthi Thevaraj Uppabat
  20. Phra Thinang Borom Ratchasathit Mahoran
  21. Phra Thinang Dusit Maha Prasat
  22. Phra Thinang Phiman Rattaya
  23. Phra Thinang Aphorn Phimok Prasat
  24. Phra Thinang Rachakaranya Sapha
  25. Ho Plueng Krueng
  26. Mount Kailasa
  27. Siwalai Garden
  28. Phra Thinang Boromphiman
  29. Phra Thinang Mahisorn Prasat
  30. Phra Thinang Siwalai Maha Prasat
  31. Phra Thinang Sitalaphirom
  32. Phra Phuttha Rattanasathan
  33. Phra Thinang Chai Chumpol
  34. Phra Thinang Suthaisawan Prasat

The Grand Palace is situated on the banks of the Chao Phraya River at the heart of the Rattanakosin Island, which is in the Phra Nakhon District.
To get there; one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways is taking the BTS skytrain to Saphan Taksin station, then jump onto a Chao Phraya River Express boat to the Chang Pier, leaving only a short walk to the Grand Palace’s main entrance.

There are of course certain dress codes to adhere to in Thailand particularly if you visit a Buddhist Temple and also when entering The Grand Palace…

If you follow this quick dress code guide below then you are sure not to upset anyone:

  • Do not wear shorts, mini-skirts, tight or figure hugging fitting trousers!
  • Do not wear see-through shirts or blouses!
  • Do not wear sleeveless shirts or vests!
  • Do not wear sandals or flip flops (without ankle or heel straps)!
  • Do not wear rolled-up-sleeved shirts!
  • Do not wear sweatpants, pajamas or fisherman trousers!

The Grand Palace is definitely high on the must see list of any travellers Bangkok sightseeing adventures.

Grand Palace Bangkok Facts

Address: Na Phra Lan Rd, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok, 10200
Phone:02 623 5500
Opening Hours: 8:30AM–3:30PM
Entrance fee: 500 Baht

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