Koh Phayam Sunset

Ko Phayam Sunset

Koh Phayam – There seems to be an unlimited amount of islands to choose from when visiting in Thailand, some are more widely known than, such as Phuket Island, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan (full moon party) and Phi Phi Island, the list just goes on and on. However; Ko Payam is the one little island that could charm the shorts of even the most ardent traveller.

Koh Phayam is its name and it is nestled in the between a host of other relatively unknown islands in the Andaman sea. Close to the Thai-Burmese border in the Ranong province of Thailand, this beautiful little island is truly the gem of the Andaman Sea.

Ko Phayam ’s white sandy beaches, which are surprising long, are pretty much empty for most part of the year and are delicately kissed by the azure warm waters of the Indian Ocean. There are around 30 resorts here -however they are all hidden in the tropical lush greenery- most of which have bungalows, either directly on the beach or a short walk away.

Most of the accommodations are basic beach bungalows with a fan, mosquito net, cold water shower, really getting back to basics. There is no main electricity line from the mainland, so you will hear the gentle hum of Electric generators in certain places on the island and there are also quite a lot of resorts using solar energy too.

Ko Phayam Pier

Ko Payam Pier

Ko Phayam two main bays, Ao Kwai (Buffalo Bay) and Ao Yai both of these bays curve gently and there is not a sunbed or jet ski in sight.

Ko Phayam is about 40 minutes from the mainland and is accessible by either ferry or speedboat. The island is roughly 10 km long and 5km wide. The population is made up of 500 people; there is a mix of both Thai and Burmese living here.

There are roads throughout the islands interior, allowing people to easily get around on motorbike, however, there are no cars, buses or trucks. A great way to see the island is on a bicycle. There are quite a few restaurants most serving up Thai, Burmese and European food.

There is a satellite and mobile connection available in most resorts and eateries. Satellite and mobile internet service have set up in many accommodation and restaurants. There is a small clinic near the pier which can treat minor ailments is very reasonable and they speak good English.

There is no main town, although when you arrive at the pier there is a small village setup with food-stalls, little restaurants, and small shops where you can buy essentials, there is no supermarket or 7/11 on this island.

Koh Phayam lonely beaches

Koh Payam lonely beaches

It is very easy to rent a motorbike (wear a helmet) which will allow you more freedom to get around. There is some wonderful wild life here, if you look very closely and are quiet, such as monkeys, fruit bats, tree snakes, squirrels, and looking into the sky you will see Sea Eagles hunting.

Koh Phayam might be just the island of your dreams; it is beautiful, yet undeveloped, quiet, with several bars for your entertainment in the evenings. All in all we recommend checking this place out, especially if you want to relax in a rural and rustic place away from the normal, manic everyday life we live.

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