chiang mai, sankhamhaeng hot springs - garden with hotspringsSankamphaeng Hot Springs – The place where the Thai families traditionally go to spend time together. For a very pleasant day out that is off the beaten track you should go to the Sankamhaeng national Park.

The Sankamhaeng Hot Springs, about 36 kilometers from Chiang Mai. Local People soak their feet while have a snacks of duck or chicken eggs that they cook in pools of the boiling hot water that flows from the springs. Small baskets of eggs can be bought from the souvenir stalls near the entrance.

There are lots of places to sit with your feets in the warm water make it as the locals do and just lay down in it! Enjoy the mineral baths or just enjoy a picnic in the gardens, watching the geysers spurt hot water into the air. You can take at walk at the well landscaped park and watch the beautiful flowers.

Sankamhaeng is a very active geological area. The water, at a temperature of a hundred degrees celcius, comes from a deep source.You are also able to enjoy a massage or swim in your own natural private warm mineral water pool in a small house  set amongst magnificent scenery.

Muang On Cave

Muang On Cave – Nearby just 10  Minutes by car you can visit the fascinating Cave and spend peaceful moments in the limestone cave. This cave is not often visited .

Local stories say that in centuries past when the area around Muang On was being invaded, by Burmese and other armies, the local villagers would gather their belongings and ample supplies of food and hide out in the Muang-On Cave systems till things settled down.

Close to the Car Park you will see the a Naga Serpent stairway, about 180 steps, before reaching the entrance to the cave.

After just about a dozen steps, you must must bend very low and jam through a narrow gangway. All the way down you will pass by grottos dotted with shrines most of which are lit with fluorescent lights. After reaching  the main cavern floor you will see a huge 30 foot long reclining Buddha. Nearby is one huge stalagmite some 30 feet high that has been turned into a stuka. It is decorated with yellow and orange silk wraps.

Take your time and wander with your torch all over the huge Cave with lots of nooks and crannies to be found.

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Chiang MaiSankamhaeng Hot Springs