Amphawa Floating Market is considered as one of the popular markets in Thailand today. So if you plan to visit Thailand, Amphawa Floating Market is best for you to consider. Although it is not the most popular float market in this city, but there are lots of local tourist who come to visit this place. For them, this place can offer lots of products to choose from and find everything you need in a just a very affordable price.

Amphawa Floating Market, Bangkok

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Floating Noodle Soup Shop - Amphawa Floating Market

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Amphawa Floating Market

Amphawa Floating Market is located at the Southeast of Bangkok which covers the entire canal of Mae Khlong River. This market is open during weekend starting from 12 o’clock in the morning up to 8 o’clock in the evening. With this kind of schedule, there is no need for you to wake up early and it is recommended for you to visit this place at around 3 o’clock in the afternoon since this is the time that the market is quiet and few people are purchasing goods.

There are lots of great things to do in Bangkok, and one of it is to drive through the Amphawa Floating Market and have some good negotiations to the vendors in buying some products. Most of the vendors from this market will never disappoint you, and that makes floating market in Thailand becomes crowd’s favorite. In this place, you will enjoy wooden boat Bangkok tour going to other stores of the river. You will also enjoy different kinds of foods that in front of the boat you were riding with. Moreover, you will love to take some coffee break, enjoy the atmosphere or take some snack which is very worthy for your visit.

By simply hiring for Bangkok private tours, you can easily reach the market and at the same time explore the entire area and see everything. They will lead you to the small canal of the river that will cost only for about 500 baht. Through their service, you will enjoy choosing the perfect souvenir, clothes, foods, spices and visit some small temples nearby which you will find as wonderful place to visit too. But if you think you have a tight budget, you can try the boat tour together with other tourists for just 50 baht.

Most of the tours here at Amphawa Floating Market may take one hour to take you to the market and other temples near the river. The boat has a space capacity for 10 people only to ensure it will not be crowded and make the local tourists feel comfortable and enjoy all the sightseeing in Bangkok.

It is true that there is lots of Bangkok sightseeing that you will surely love as you visit Thailand. Therefore, if you wish to visit this impressive and amazing floating market Bangkok, you can book for a tour or take a Bangkok Taxi or minivan. Through this way, you will find it less stressful for you to come and stay in this place and have the most enjoying moment you deserve.

Amphawa Floating Market is best to recommend for those who wants to experience unique way of buying items.

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