Bangkok Flower Market – If there is one place in Asia that everyone would want to leave some footprints or explore, Bangkok will always be on the list. Why? The place is composed of nothing but amazing places and attractions which will make your wanderlust soul full. It is nice to visit a place that is complete with astounding places that will definitely give you remarkable memories that are worthwhile. Bangkok, the capital and a district in Thailand is not only proud to present its temples and majestic places, but it also has markets that are sure worth the visit.

Bangkok flower market

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If you are looking for things to do in Bangkok after you have availed a Bangkok tour, include the Bangkok Flower Market on your list of places because it is a must. if you love flowers and would want to see a variety of it in one area, the Bangkok flower market is the one that you should visit.

Bangkok Flower Market

Enjoying sightseeing in Bangkok is not enough thus you should also explore even its market. The Bangkok flower market or Pak Khlong Market is the market where you will find a wide stretch of flowers that are perfect for any occasion. The market has been operating for six decades and is always open 24 hours to provide the needs of the customers when flowers are the matter. The Bangkok Flower Market is one of the destinations that you should include in your city tour Bangkok because it is one of the best markets that you can find in the district and country.

The Bangkok flower market is situated at Chak Phet road which near to the memorial bridge.

Where do the flowers come from?

The flowers from the Bangkok flower market comes from several provinces found in Thailand. Some of the provinces are Samut Sakhon, Nakhon Pathom, and Samut Songkhram. This biggest flower market should always be included in your city tour Bangkok because if not, you are missing what is best. Bangkok private tours are offering destinations to visit and one of which is the flower market.

Furthermore, flowers can become expensive especially if the type is hard to find. But what is good at Bangkok flower market is that, no matter how classy the flower can be, the price is cheaper. Yes! Flowers sold in this market are cheap which will never stop you from purchasing more. A simple city tour Bangkok will already give you a big glimpse of the largest flower market in the district which only sells fresh ones.

Traveling to a foreign place is one of the best things that you can reward yourself. Having a Bangkok tour is not a bad idea because it will never give you any disappointment but only unforgettable experiences. With this tour, never forget to visit Bangkok flower market since it will give you the freshest flowers that are well-grown. Hurry up and visit the market to its original place for six decades because, after February, the market will be relocated to a private building. Book your Bangkok tour now!

BangkokBangkok Flower Market