Cheow Lan Lake aka Khao Sok Lake – Khao Sok National Park boasts some of the most wonderful landscapes in the country and is surrounded by one of the oldest rainforests in the world and nestled in there is Cheow Lan Lake aka Khao Sok Lake.

It is believed to be at least 300 million years old, and settled into the valley is a wonderful emerald in the mist Cheow Lake.

Cheow Lan Lake is actually a manmade lake or reservoir created in the early ’80s and cover approximately 185 square Km. The lake was formed by the construction of the Rajjaprabha Dam.

The name in Thai is ‘light of the kingdom’, and derives from the opening ceremony of the dam and was part of the HRH the King and his 60th birthday celebrations.

Cheow Lan Lake – Khoa Sok National Park was designed and built for the purpose of power generation, irrigation, fishing and flood control in the region.

Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand started construction of the dam by diverting the Klong Saeng River. It was a huge undertaking and the just to flood the 185 sq Km took over a year to complete.

Cheow Lan Lake aka Khao Sok Lake

Khao Sok National Park Lake


Cheow Lan Lake – Khao Sok National Park area includes the Khlong Saeng, Khlong Nakha and Kaeng Krung wildlife and it is here you can find rare animals. As this area is hidden amongst the green forest of Khao Sok National Park, it’s easy to see that it remains relatively untouched

So you can only imagine the forest here simply teems with life and the lake feeds off into klongs which is a Thai word for small rivers or canals.

There are several klongs starting from this massive Cheow Lan Lake aka Khao Sok Lake and the nearest to the pier is klong Ka.

Klong Ka is the easiest to get to, being the closest to Ratchaprabha pier. Here you can find the Gui Lin viewpoint from here you really have a fantastic bird’s eye view of the sheer limestone walls as they jut straight up towards the sky.

Klong Pey is 2 hours from Ratchaprabha pier along in this Klong you can find the huge cave called Nam Talu this cave can be explored at night as well as the daytime. You can spot crabs and bats that come out to feed at night.

Khao Sok Map

Khao Sok National Park Map

Khao Sok Map

Klong Yee is much more out of the way (remote) and is in the wildlife sanctuary. This klong is filled with life as it rolls gently through the thick forest of Koh Sok National Park.

Klong Saeng is Cheow Lan’s north-western waterway and was once Thailand’s largest inland river system before the lake was made.

You will need written permission to venture in here and you must have a park ranger guide you (additional fees ) here is a good chance to see some larger wildlife such as the wild boar, Elephants and Deer that roam this jungle so freely.

Klong Mon is best for bird watching with eagles, kestrels and horn bills spotted here, the area is peaceful with very few folks getting up here as the klongs runs through the hills and valleys of the Khao Sok Park.

Animals by the Lake

Cheow Lan Lake aka Khao Sok Lake

Khao Sok National Park lizard

Cheow Lan Lake aka Kho Sok Lake is an amazing sight to see and to think before the 80’sit did not even exist. Its attracts such wildlife seen nowhere else on the planet.

Keep your eyes peeled for the larger creatures look to the tree for the Gibbons and Macaques.

Flying overhead as they soar between the clouds looking for fresh pickings on the ground are the wonderful Eagles.

The ground you may even spot the rarest of creatures the Malay sun bear it is the smallest bear in the world.

Keep an eye on the leafy trees for sudden swinging movements; it may just be a long tail macaque monkey or a naughty long-armed gibbon.

You may even spot a wild boar with his thick curved horns or large sambar deer. If you’re really lucky, catch a glimpse of the Malay sun bear – the world’s smallest bear, basking in the warm glow of the sun.

cheow lan lake Thailand

Cheow Lan Lake aka Khao Sok Lake

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