Khao Sok National Park with Easy Day Thailand will make your vacation complete it is one of the highlights of Asia Khao Sok National Park is simply a hidden treasure.

Khao Sok National Park Tours are a must and the national park is an absolute gem in Thailand’s crown. It is the oldest living rainforest in the world the climate has not really been affected by the ice ages has the equatorial position of the forest has not changed.

It was established as a National Park in 1980 Khao Sok is part of the Surat Thani Province covering an area of 739sq KM.

The combined sizes of Khao Sok National Park along with the other national parks that border it such as; Kaeng Krueng, Sri Phang Nga and Khlong Phanom (410 km2) and if we include the other wildlife sanctuaries that run adjacent the entire area is actually massive and half the size of Bali.

Consisting of sheer limestone cliffs that seem to jut straight up to the heavens are topped off in magical lush green rainforest hidden amongst the forest you can explore the waterfalls caves rivers and lakes, keep your eyes open for the wildlife, there is so much to see here you’ll need to cameras.

Khao Sok National Park wildlife

Khao Sok National Park – Limestone Peaks

The National Park sits approximately 200 metres above sea level with the mountains peeking out at about 400 metres above sea level. The tallest peak in the national park is 960 metre


The reason the forest is so healthy is that it is stuck in-between two oceans The Gulf of Thailand to the east and the Indian Ocean to the west, both of the oceans bring in different monsoons at different times of the year.

Khoa Sok National Park has the highest level of rainfall in the country, and the heaviest rains are between May and November, the dry season starts around December through to April you will still catch a few drops of rain at this time too.

The weather, in general, is always warm, the hottest two months are March / April there is little change in the temperature throughout the year.

Khao Sok Wildlife

The wildlife here is surprisingly diverse with huge Asian Elephants roaming freely, Sambar Deer, Mouse Deer, and Barking Deer, Wild Boars rooting out food on the forest floor. There are wild Macaques, Gibbons, Muntak langur.

A little under 50 mammal species, over 300 different species of birds, there are at least 30 species of bats and numerous reptiles and insects there is always a critter not far behind you.

There is a huge variety of birds such as Great Hornbill, Helmeted Hornbill, White-Crowned Hornbill, Eagles, Kestrels, Osprey, Kingfishers, Storks, Ducks and Pheasants are just a few of the bird species here.

Khao Sok National Park

Bird Life – Khao Sok National Park

Easy Day Thailand has a large selection of Koh Sok Tours and activities

Khao Sok National Park – Tours

Khao Sok Tours – Elephant Jungle Discovery

Real Jungle trekking

One Day Khoa Sok Discovery Tour

Day tour from Phuket into Khao Sok Sightseeing, real Elephant Jungle trekking and a canoe trip along River Sok extreme fun for the whole family

Overnight Tours into Khao Sok National Park

Jungle Discovery Overnight Tour

Immerse yourself in the jungle of southern Thailand. Stay overnight in a comfortable luxury tent resort.

A 2 day / 1 night overnight tour into the National park

Explore Cheow Lan Lake by Long-tail boat

Cheow Lan Lake exploration and adventures

Khao Sok Lake & Jungle Overnight Tour

Overnight trip to explore Cheow Lan Lake and the Jungle of Khao Sok. Stay overnight in a boutique tent resort, elephant trek through tropical rainforest.

Plenty of Fun on our Overnight stay in Thai Raft House on Cheow Lan Lake

Fun at Cheow Lan Lake

Khao Sok Lake Tour

Don’t miss this Khoa Sok Lake Adventure. Discover Cheow Lan Lake by longtail boat on this Day tour from Phuket Island into the heart of Khao Sok.

Bamboo Raft at Cheow Lan Lake

Bamboo Raft

3 Day Khao Sok Jungle & Lake Safari

Sign up for a 3 day / 2 night Khao Sok Overnight Safari. Great adventure with an overnight stay in Raft  House on Cheow Lan Lake and stay at Boutique Jungle tent Resort.

Khao Sok National Park

Wallace’s Flying Frog

There is a great diversity of animals living in the forest, this is because there is just so much food for them to eat.

There are many kinds of fruit for example such as Mangosteens, Jackfruit, Durian Pomelo, Bananas, Rambutan which many of the animals feast on.

The Cheow Lan Lake  Khao Sok National Park is huge and it is possible for tourists to stay overnight in one f the lakeside bungalows.

You can raft or kayak around the lake taking in all of its glorious scenery along the way.

Easy Day Thailand has a fine selection of guided tours that will take you right into the heart of the jungle it is a trip for those really wanting to nature in its full glory.

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